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We create Win-Win situations. Employees and Organizations.

Trained employees have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their role and responsibilities. It gives them confidence in what they do. When they are confident they welcome challenges and explore new dimensions. They are the best troops to lead an organization towards greater accomplishments while being a challenge to the competitors.

LSA Public Training Programs are designed for both organizations and individuals to achieve success by fulfilling all training requirements and bridging the existing skill gap with a wide range of Public and In-house Training Programs conducted by reputed trainers who have hands-on experience in the relevant training fields.


Organizations can nominate their employees for our programs according to their training requirements to achieve and surpass organizational goals.

Individuals can achieve their career/life goals by participating in LSA Public Training Programs.

Workshop On Supervisory & Leadership Skills Development .

Workshop On Positive Attitudes, Self-Motivation and Good Work Habits Development.

Promoting your staff is not sufficient since 40% of Supervisors fail within 18 months of the promotion.

Supervisory & Leadership Skills Development Workshop by LSA Training improve leaders’ styles, skills and techniques to successfully overcome everyday challenges and to guide their teams as a role model.

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Anything is Possible with the Correct Attitude!

The Power of Positive Attitude by LSA Training elevates motivation levels, positive attitudes and professional dignity whilst inculcating the accepted work habits leading to employee and organizational success.

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Workshop On Customer Care Skills Development

Workshop On Sales Staff Motivation and Selling Skills Development.

Great Customer Service is a Triple Win! Salespeople, Customers, and Organization.

Delighting Your Customers by LSA Training develops necessary soft skills and attitudes for excellent customer service (both internal and external).

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Be a Successful salesperson with the correct attitude, skills and motivation.
Sell to Win by LSA Training helps your sales staff to retain customers and successfully achieve and surpass sales targets.

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Workshop On Staff Motivation and How To Get The Best Out Of Your Staff.

2-Day Practical Workshop To Develop Knowledge And Skills To Be An Effective Trainer.

“A good leader is a good motivator”

How to Motivate Your Staff by LSA Training enables you with outstanding staff motivational skills and Inspiration to take your staff to the next level.

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Workshop On Customer Care Skills Development .

Workshop On Techniques and Methods to Drive Employees Towards Achievement Of Superior Work Performance.

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity” – Douglas Adams.

Develop a customer-centric mindset with Service with Passion by LSA Training.

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Drive Employees Towards Achievement of Superior Work Performance.

LSA Training enables you to make you and your subordinates surpass the expectations and goals of your organization.

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Workshop On Business Etiquette for Professional Success.

Workshop On Law Of Attraction And How To Practically Apply It.

Good etiquette promotes good business; Great Etiquette promotes Great Business!
Earn Professional Success with Business Etiquette Training Workshop by LSA Training.

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It’s simple! “We attract what we want”, Good or Bad. Join “The Secret Law of Attraction” by LSA Training for a positive transformation.

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Workshop On Developing Public Speaking Skills.

Workshop On Effective Decision-Making Skills.

Stand out from the Crowd! Public Speaking for Leaders.
Public Speaking Workshop by LSA Training takes your life and career towards success.

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Choosing workforce is easy if you know what to look for. Make the Best Decisions with LSA Training – Effective Interviewing Skills!

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Workshop On Counselling Skills .

Workshop On Effective Communication Skills Development .

It is the client who knows what Hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried” – Carl Rogers.

Be an Effective Counselor with Psychology and Counselling Skills by LSA Training.

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“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response” – Milton Erickson

Effective Communication Workshop by LSA Training is to develop individuals’ communication skills, abilities and techniques to increase productivity.

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Workshop On Business Writing Skills Development .

Workshop On Essential HR Management .

Write like a Professional.

Business Writing Skills by LSA Training.

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Workshop On Essential HR Management Skills Needed to Succeed In Today’s Dynamic Workplace.

A Good reason to train all professionals is none other than long-term sustainability.  Be a Professional in HRM. Join HR for Non-HR Professionals by LSA Training.

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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals .

New Dawn .

Workshop On Finance For Non-Finance Professionals .

Achieving business goals is impossible if you don’t have a correct finance management plan.
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals by LSA, trains you to properly plan your finances in order to successfully achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

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Workshop On Life and Career Goal-Setting and Motivation

How to Set SMART Goals - specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals and be a successful individual.

New dawn by LSA Training will enable you to set goals, achieve and be a highly motivated individual.

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Workshop On Presentation Skills Development .

Workshop On Leadership and Management Skills Development for Future Leaders.

Key skills to get your message or opinion across

Effective Presentation Skills by LSA Training enables you to achieve great results through effective convincing.

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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself, when you become a leader, success is all about growing others”

Future Leaders by LSA Training helps you to shape the leader in you.

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Managing Your Personal Finances .

Reduce Stress and Perform Better.

Workshop On Personal Finance Management

To be free from financial risks in life Personal finance management knowledge is crucial to save and spend monetary resources.Join Managing Your Personal Finances by LSA Training.

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Workshop On Stress Management and Relaxation.

Stress, can cause many serious health problems both mentally and physically which reduces your performance capacity and be an obstacle on your way to success. Learn to effectively manage stress levels and increase performance with Reduce Stress and Perform Better by LSA Training.

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Think Like an Entrepreneur


Workshop On Entrepreneurial Mindset and Necessary Skills Development

Entrepreneurial thinking boosts your career with many opportunities and advantages.
Join Think Like an Entrepreneur to be a Successful in your career/business.

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Workshop On Memory Improvement and Exam Tips For Students

Exercises to sharpen your mind and to enhance your memory.
Learn memory enhancing techniques and methods in order to successfully get through exams with Memory by LSA Training.

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Parents’ Hope

Counsellor Training

Workshop On Child Psychology

Why your child behaves the way he or she does? Join Parents’ Hope by LSA Training to thoroughly understand your children and learn effective parenting in order to make them great personalities.

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Workshop On Counselling Skills Development

What makes you a professional counsellor? Join LSA’s Counsellor Training to be an effective counsellor.

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Business English for Corporate Staff

Workshop On Business English

Excellent communication skills are an essential part of a standout personality.
Join “Business English for Corporate Staff” by LSA Training.

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